All you need to know about Admissions and Application Forms


  1. Application to study at Azhar Academy Bolton (Devonshire Education Centre) is open to all Muslim children who are 4 years or older (up to 14 years).
  2. To enrol parents are required to submit a completed application form together with a valid copy of the child’s Birth Certificate or Passport.
  3. All applications must be in writing; any form of verbal communication will not be accepted.
  4. Unsuccessful applications will not be automatically considered for the following year. A new application will have to be submitted.
  5. The Principal will consider your child’s application and you will be notified of the outcome in writing or by telephone.
  6. Any special circumstances regarding the child MUST be disclosed prior to admission, e.g.
    a) The child is an orphan or a foster child.
    b) The child suffers from a serious medical condition or disability.
    c) The child is dyslexic or has any learning or behavioural issues.
  7. For ‘Beginners’ who are applying for entry into the Reception Class the places will be allocated on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. Children over the age of 6 will not normally be considered for entry into the Reception Class.
  8. Places will be allocated subject to availability. Please note that class sizes are limited to a maximum of 14 pupils per class.
  9. The Hifz class is limited to 7 per class and is subject to more stringent entry requirements (made available upon enquiry).
  10. If a place is not immediately available you may wish to register your child on the Waiting List. We cannot guarantee when or if your child may be granted a place. Pupils on the Waiting List will be considered on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.
  11. Providing any false or misleading information will invalidate the application/ admission and will result in dismissal.
  12. We have two madrasah sessions (Mon-Fri):
        •    Session 1 begins at 5pm till 6.10pm.
        •    Drop off for session 1 is from 4.45pm to 5pm. Do not arrive before 6.05pm to pick up.
        •    Session 2 begins at 6pm till 7pm.
        •    Drop off for Session 2 is from 5.50pm till 6pm. Pick up is at 7pm.
  13. We have a stringent drop off and pick up policy and enforce a strict parking and traffic management code. Breaching of this code will result in the cancellation of your child’s admission.



  1. A completed Application Form with a copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate or Passport.
  2. Pupils who have attended another establishment and wish to transfer will be assessed / interviewed as part of the application process. Their Application Forms must be supported with following items/information: Latest school report. A list of all previous books (quran, kitabs, surahs, duas) studied. A reference letter from the teacher at the previous establishment will be required. The reasons for leaving the previous establishment. All previous disciplinary issues must also be disclosed.
  3. A one-off Administration Fee of £20 will apply to all successful applications. This will be payable on the day of Admission and is non-refundable.
  4. The Applicant must understand and speak English as this is the medium of instruction and learning. Time restraints and practicality do not allow otherwise.
  5. By enrolling their children at Devonshire Education Centre the Parents pledge to respect ALL the education centres rules and practices and to fulfill ALL subsequent requirements with regards to uniform, fees, textbooks, disciplinary sanctions etc.
  6. In the event of any dispute, Parents are obliged to follow the ‘Complaints Procedure’ and must ensure they maintain a measure of dignity and professionalism. Threateaning, vulgar or violent behaviour from either Parents or Pupils will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate expulsion of the Pupil with no return.



The Fee is currently £6 a week and payable in advance in monthly (4 week), termly or annual instalments. We encourage Parents to seriously consider opting for termly or annual payment. A Fee Schedule will be published at the beginning of every academic year.



It is a fundamental requirement of the Centre that the staff and students be allowed to pursue their quest for Divine Knowledge (ILM) in a positive and peaceful environment. This can only be achieved by mutual respect and co-operation between the staff, pupils and parents.

The pursuit of Divine Knowledge demands dedication, sincerity and exemplary behaviour. It is for this reason that the Education Centre enforces a strict code of conduct for staff and pupils alike.

Pupils are required:

  • To respect all members of staff.
  • To abide by all rules and regulations Devonshire Education Centre.
  • To respect the sanctity of the Centre's building and it’s furnishings.
  • To respect their peers and to resolve any disagreements with their fellow pupils in a civil and appropriate manner without resorting to abuse or violence.
  • The Management will view any breach of the above protocols in very serious light and appropriate sanctions will be applied.
  • It is therefore very important for parents to take an active role in ensuring that their children understand and appreciate the need for upholding the above-mentioned rules.



  • At Devonshire Education Centre we firmly believe in continued progress and development. In order to achieve this we believe that co-operation and communication between parents, pupils and teachers is essential.
  • We invite you to raise any concerns and complaints you have and welcome all suggestions for improving our services and our Centre.
  • If you have a serious complaint, please raise it promptly as it becomes difficult to fully investigate an incident which may have occurred some time ago.
  • All complaints will be investigated thoroughly and all parties will be treated with equality and fairness.
  • All forms of communication will be kept confidential and will be disclosed on a strictly ‘need to know’ basis.
  • All complaints MUST be submitted in writing. We will endeavour to respond within FIVE working days, either by letter, telephone or a one to one meeting.
  • Issues of serious nature will be responded to within 48 hours. However for complex issues it may not always be possible to resolve matters within this time frame, but staff will at the very least acknowledge your concern and inform you of the personnel dealing with the matter.
  • No parent/guardian is permitted to approach any Teacher directly regarding any complaint.
  • If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher then a formal appointment must be requested through the Headteacher.
  • The Education Centre will not tolerate any improper behaviour towards any member of management, staff or volunteers.
  • If you are uncertain regarding any aspect of the Education Centre, we welcome you to come and see us, please book an appointment with the Headteacher to discuss the subject. We find that in most cases a simple discussion or meeting dispels any uncertainty or doubt and encourages mutual respect and thus we encourage this approach.



If you would like to register a complaint or concern please address your letter to the Headteacher at:

Azhar Academy Bolton (Devonshire Education Centre)
20 Devonshire Road

If you would like to speak to the Headteacher in person please make an appointment.

If you would like to register a complaint with the Education Centre Management please address your letter to ‘The Devonshire Education Centre Management’ at the above address.