Our Curriculum and Programs are designed to help you succeed

At Azhar Academy Bolton (Devonshire Education Centre) we are committed to providing an inspiring and comprehensive Islamic education. Thus we have introduced a curriculum and structure which we are certain will deliver sound results Inshallah.


The initial emphasis is on:

  • Quran Recitation with Tajweed
  • Memorisation of essential Invocations (Duas)
  • Memorisation of short Quranic verses (Surahs)
  • Essential practical Fiqh (Istinja, Wudhu, Salaah)


Other subjects include Aqaaid (Islamic Creed), Akhlaaq wal Adaab (Islamic manners and etiquette) and Seerah (Study of the life of Rasulullah S.A.W and of other Prophets A.S.)

We have introduced the Safar Islamic Studies Series which is designed and published by Safar Academy (London) as we found the content to be both informative and ‘child friendly’ with engaging graphics, attractive fonts and colours and is also supplemented by an activity workbook.

The curriculum will be constantly assessed for completeness, accuracy and relevance. Further, the teachers are encouraged to introduce innovative and interactive teaching methods in order to enhance learning and the understanding of new concepts.

The Merit and Reward Scheme is being developed to encourage participation, good behaviour and attendance.